virustotal is showing a trojan in the installer. If there are extra components bundled like VC redist can those be excluded or re-packed from official source?

Yes i did and no don’t think it is lying i think you’re misinterpreting it. If you think vcredist is a trojan then you cannot trust windows.

which is why I’m asking that vcredist not be included in the installed executable. Did you look at the virustotal sandbox for this installer? Do you think it’s lying about finding things when the installer is run and extracted in the sandbox?

Hello, vcredist is automatically included in the installation from the official Microsoft link, and there is an option in the installer to skip it under “custom install” we were going to remove it either way since it’s not a requirement anymore. That being said the claim “trojan installer” is extremely wrong, virus total reported 1 engine out of 69 that thinks it is one.
is the link that I am referring to.
if you have a problem with virus total reporting that one engine found this installer suspicious it is worth mentioning that it also reports multiple engines thinking’s launcher is a trojan as well. All of these nodes mean nothingm when you jump to vcredist then you are in vcredist and no longer in the actual application.

  • upload file
  • move to relations tab
  • scroll down to graph section
  • click blue exe icon to expand
  • drill down into the installer