Voice chat in beamng mp?

Hello BeamNG MP Team is it Possible to add voice chat in the Mod iam tired of playing and i can’t talk

The current solution to this is to talk in Discord with your friends. Most people who play on populated servers either us the BeamMP discord OR a discord associated with that server.

We will consider your feedback and see if we will implement in-game voice chat. However, for the best results, try to get some community members together and come up with a VC solution yourself that adds onto the BeamMP mod via plugins. If your plugin is good it could even be featured and or integrated into BeamMP!

I am new to BeamMP and to Discord so feeling a bit lost. I’ve got it all installed but I don’t know anyone else on Discord who also plays BeamMP. So if I join a server and there are others playing, there’s no way to voice chat with them unless we’re already friends in Discord? Not a criticism. The game is fun and I’m happy to have it. Just clarifying in case I’m missing something.

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Hello BeamMP I strongly recommend that you add voice chat to the game. it would really strength the Beam community. It would also make it so much more fun to play with voice chat.

Voice chat isn’t bad, but there should be also a feature that you can disable your voice chat but you can hear others talk.