Vote Kick feature for Official Servers - Request

BeamMP has been a blast for me, however every so often you have someone who does their best to ruin things in a lobby however they can (trolling/causing trouble) and just being uncooperative for the sake of it. It really kills the mood.

In official servers there’s no host to moderate things from what I understand, however I think a great way to handle this would be to have a vote kick feature. If multiple people in the lobby feel a person is causing trouble and ruining the game they can call a vote. If the majority of current players say yes they get kicked out from the lobby.
Possibly with a small cool down before they can return.

This would really help to combat trolls and let people feel a bit more at ease if they come across troublemakers online. Would it be possible to look into something like this for a future release?

It’s a solid idea, and I will relay this.
I believe there are also other ideas floating around regarding anti-griefing, so please know it is a known annoyance :slight_smile:


hey, i was wondering if there was any progress made on this? or if it ever even got brought up. i have been having much fun but griefers are really annoying. thank you