VR: Nametags and Menus not showing

A: Nametags don’t show in VR, this is a bigger issue then menus since its a core function of BeamMP that is no longer avaliable, and its not just in VR. If you look at the game outside of VR, on your monitor or the menu within Quest Link and look at the monitor, there are no nametags what so ever. Only disabling VR allows you to look at the nametags, and external menus only show on the monitor. A fix for this is maybe a keybind to toggle to show external menus in VR.

dw theyre there its just that theyre incredibly small due to the resolution change. it is annoying that they shrink in size the greater your monitor is. and really u cant do anything about it because low res is horrible in vr, and the devs are too lazy to even respond in a way that matters

They don’t show up at all for me, can i make them bigger by dropping down the res on my monitor then running it in vr?