Was I re-banned?

I made a post about this already, and got unbanned. Just noticed that BeamMP was removed from my server listing. I don’t think I sent any messages in it – but I could be wrong.

I know for a fact I wasn’t in any sort of argument or anything, so I’m confused why the unban was overturned.

Hm, what is your discord username?


Sorry for the late response. I thought I already replied.

You were banned for being hateful towards another user (and from what I am reading, also the furry community as a whole). You were also never unbanned as I can find zero logs of such.

I definitely was unbanned for some time.

I made a post apologizing, and I hadn’t been back in the chat since that post. I kept my word. I’ll link you to the post where I was unbanned.


“You were also never unbanned” is simply not true.

An Administrator unbanned me. I think it’s a bit unprofessional to silently undo a higher-ups actions, especially when you’re very publicly a furry.

My opinions on the community are just that. My opinions. I’ve kept them out of the discord like I said I would.

(I realize how harsh this may sound, but I can’t think of a more polite way to put that).

I would have been rebanned for doing quite literally nothing. The only thing that could’ve happened was someone rebanned me bc of their own personal ill-will. Even though I kept my word.

You quite literally were never unbanned by anybody.
You were banned once and if you were unbanned via the bot we use, then I would have seen it in the logs.
If you were manually unbanned without the bot then I cannot see it.
If you were then re-banned with the bot, it would then again, show me in the bots logs. And if it was done manually, then I am more than confident it wouldn’t show me the same reason you were originally banned for (in which you were banned by bot command) when viewed in the banned user list of the Discord.

To clear up possible confusion, you were banned once and never unbanned. No further logs prove that you have ever been unbanned

The post I showed you clearly shows that not only did [Daniel_CO-US] unban me on Feb 28 2023 – but I even confirmed in the post that I was unbanned.

Like you said. If it is a person who’s manually banned me, you won’t be able to see it.

I had zero activity in the server after rejoining in Feb '23, yet I was rebanned?

I understand what you’re saying, and that you’re looking at the logs – but you can’t ignore the fact that there is an entire other post with an Administrator unbanning me.

I’d like to be unbanned, but if that’s not possible, I’d like to at least know why not. Especially since an Administrator already unbanned me once. It seems backwards to be repunished. No double jeopardy.

I have contacted Daniel about this and he is looking into it. He/we will get back to you in a moment.

Thank you for your help. I’d like to apologize if my posts came off a bit brash or aggressive. Its something I’m working to fix.

Hi Peteledete, Do you happen to have a different account name, I don’t believe I unbanned you from that post. Can you resend your ID here right click your name and copy id.

if you don’t see that option go into Discord, Advanced enable Developer Mode. Should be a green toggle on the right.



What’s weird is that I had access to the server after you replied to my original post. How odd.

Did you happen to message someone in the server while you could see it?

I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure I didn’t send anything, as I was already on thin ice from the previous ban. So I’m leaning towards no.

Hi Peteledete, We have looked into this exhausted appeal and considering the time of the the ban being almost a year ago, and the fact that you are trying to be less rude. We have come to the conclusion to unban your discord account, as long as the good behavior continues, and their are no more infractions given out.

Welcome Back to the community,

Thanks a ton Daniel. You’ve been a great help once again. I appreciate your assistance!