We need a report button!

Who else wants a report button and a patch to those large black blobs?

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We seriously need a report button for reporting people. But not reporting them for blobs, just for people being mean and doing something stupid.

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A black blob can be one of two things. An illegal vehicle (mod that does not exist on the server) or a player whose vehicle you have deleted. They cannot run into or damage you as their vehicles do not exist in your instance of the game. As for this post I’m going to move it from “important common” to “votes and feedback” which is monitored by the development team.

Please do not use “important” categories for unimportant posts and topics.

i actually want to know why mods arent alowed in the official servers

The official servers are just meant for hosting the vanilla game. Anyone can hop straight into Beam and right into a map with slots open and play without having to worry about downloads or conflicts.

oh you silly, theyre not “not allowed”, client-side mods are just simply not implemented in beammp. but what if they were?

well, take a look at it this way: someone who isnt very smart has a mod on their computer, okay. now, because they arent very smart they downloaded it from, say, modland and they got a cheap meshlap that barely represents a car. moreover, that said cheap jbeamless decrepit car they call a lamborghini is, in fact, an executable, a virus, a bunch of lua scripts that can do whatever, okay. not just that, but its also 2 gigabytes, alrighht. they just queued this car and you are in the middle of driving. now, obviously, its gonna severely lag your whole gaming experience, of course, i mean, but thats just one car! then, this same person queues another car, because they got bored of playing with their 2 gig virus-ghini, okay, they just got bored, they want another one and RIGHT NOW, so they spawn another car, which you are ALSO, by the way, downloading, this time 3 gigs. while that is happening, as you are downloading 2 things in parallel, another player joins, its a guest. and they spawn something that is just about 50 mb. nothing extraordinary, its but a nuance. as soon as they spawn in everybody crashes with the 0x00000001 error code - why you may ask? well, it was something very old that only works on their side.

but what if that someone has good intent, perhaps, its your friend and you just want to see a mod car! you have two options - go to garry’s mod where you already can do just that or 1. the server must have it or 2. both you and your friend must have it, since it is searching for the vehicle files and if you just happen to have them too - you will queue a mod client-side successfully

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oh ok i didnt know that…