Weird lag in game

so in beammp the game s laggier than regualr beamng with the same number of cars for instance in beamng 2 cars runs about 50-60 fps and in beammp it runs closer to 20 fps and i have no clue why

i get the same issue and i have no idea why, i feel as though if i were connected with only one other player it’d be fine but its laggy as all heck

Keep in mind that Multiplayer is limited to how and what BeamNG the game can do, so if you get poor performance with multiple AI in BeamNG, then chances are you will get poor performance in Multiplayer.

BeamNG and BeamMP for that matter is very CPU intensive, so the more people that are spawned in, the more you CPU is being strained. General rule of thumb is to have 1 thread per person, or 2 people per CPU core (for most modern day CPUs)

beam ng works amazing with 6 + cars, its only when online. i have good internet speed aswell over 100 mbps so i dont understand why i would still get lag. the ping is saying around 14 aswell. please help