What do you think should come in BeamMP?

  • Friend Requests
  • UI Improvments
  • Special BeamMP Events hosted by BeamMP Devs (Like a Racing Event)
  • More Customization To Beamlings
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Please vote, will be closing poll soon.
I’ll try making another poll in about a week or two, who knows?

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Friend requests could be an option and events too its kinda hard to decide when 2 of the polls are at 33% :sweat_smile:

I chose customization cause I did see in a beammp trailer for customizable beamling soon, cause it was tagged in the official youtube channel i think

I just hope that they add a police officer suit for the Beamlings:p (an officer cap would be great too!)

That would be cool for the cops n robbers servers

Exactly! But Friend Requests would be worth it too!

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