What is code 4?

I already dowloaded the Beammp installer but I can’t start the game and every time I want to start the game I get this messeg " Failed to find the game please launch it. Report this if the issue persists code 4" and I don’t know what to do.

BeamMP will automatically look for BeamNG’s executable file along the normal file pathway that Steam creates for it. If you have moved the game or altered the install location it will throw this error. The only other time we see this error is with pirated versions of BeamNG Drive which BeamMP does not support.

The solution to this issue is as follows.

Launch BeamNG Drive through Steam and allow it to go all the way to the main menu, this will create the registry values needed for BeamMP. BeamMP should learn where your executable is filed and associate it with the launcher allowing it to launch the game normally on subsequent uses. If this does not work and the issue persists let us know. Please keep in mind that this will only work with non-pirated versions of BeamNG Drive.