Wheelin’ Server Custom - Off-road, Trucks, Cars, Buggy’s

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Wheelin’ Server Custom - Utah Extra

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Come cruise and have fun. Quite a few custom vehicles that are good quality.

Mods [40] 5.36 GB

08to11silvtyy, 10Ram_v1.0, Addons, better_cooling, blossom_bronco65, bullit, CEI, charger, chevy_duramax, CJD_Specials, CNVY_Hopper_Offroad_Parts_V5_1, ct5, Dodge Challenger, Engines Transmissions, F150_v1.2, ford-focus-rs-rx-hoonigan, fordcrownvictoria, Framework, G-class, G-Class_G900_BRABUS, highly_customizable_engines_rk, johnson_camertrailer_1, Kawasaki_KRX, LRDefender110X, MaverickX3, Meow_Tundra, Naorl_OffRoadWheelsTires, NissanTitan_v1.6, op_driveshaft_and_halfshaft, owkf150r, ramtrx, s550, Subaru Impreza, T4RunnerTRDPro, tie-downs, TomsIbexCrawler4-2-22, Trailers, Turbo_Everything_rk, UtahExtraDS, veloster_N_by_juniyani

Below are my Server specs and 1gig fiber connection for less lag and hopefully a smooth gaming experience.

Hope to see you there!

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Updated Server info
All Names are back as Wheelin’ Server Custom

Community for Wheelin’ Server has merged. 1 Discord for all 3 server.

Data friendly server, minimal mods, tons of fun.
OG Wheelin’ Johnson Valley Server / IP:
26 Mods (1.3GiB)

Both Servers Below have Same Vehicles, Configs
Wheelin’ Axle Valley Custom Server / IP:
Mods [40] (5.66 GB)

Wheelin’ Utah Extra Custom Server / IP:
Mods [40] 5.36 GB