When i try to connect to my server it only says "Done."

It loads all the mods and then it just says “Done.”
I tried removing all the mods from the client folder and changed the map and still there is no difference
I have no idea what the problem is

Two things you can try

  1. Remove all Mods from the Resources Folder of the BeamMP Launcher.
    For that, right click the BeamMP launcher shortcut on your desktop → click open location → navigate to the “Resources” folder and remove its content

  2. Rename your Userfolder, a file in it might be corrupted that affects BeamMP.
    For that press WIN+R, paste in %localappdata% and press enter. There will be a folder named “BeamNG.drive”. Rename that to for example “BeamNG.drive_Backup” and then try again.

If the later case solved your issue then you have to port your vehicle configs, replays etc. over from the “BeamNG.drive_Backup” folder to the newly created “BeamNG.drive” folder, as otherwise they would not be accesible for you