Whenever I load a car, (most of the time) it will continue displaying the loading icon

If I load a car, it may display the loading icon and all UI is unusable, including my keyboard, so I can’t press F5 to reload the UI. This problem can only be fixed by completely quitting the game and restarting it, and may even happen again upon restart.

Another problem I have is that if I, at any point, even in free-cam with no car spawned, I become the unicycle, all my UI breaks (it is still visible but I cannot use it, e.g. spawn in a car, type in chat, etc. Reloading the UI does nothing here either). I can still use the basic keyboard buttons but not use any of the UI keybinds.

as soon as you join, do not press the TAB or F key even if you were alt+tabbing. with any queued edits from the players, any new spawns that YOU make also apply the queue. as for the unresponsiveness, never delete the “multiplayer session” ui app. last time i had this problem, i had to reinstall beammp >.>

This sounds like a BeamNG issue more so than a BeamMP issue. Go into Steam and verify the integrity of the game files, see if anything needs to be redownloaded.

If that doesn’t work

-Exit everything
-Find 0.31 folder
-Rename to 0.31_bak
-Run BeamMP

This will create a fresh instance of BeamNG/MP, if you are still experiencing issues after that let us know.

I verified the integrity of my game files, and updated 6 files which were not integrited (I just made that word up lol) and it didn’t work, so I changed 0.31 to 0.31_bak, but everything was back to default, and also I kept on getting lua errors, so I deleted the new 0.31 folder that was automatically recreated and tried again, but it was the same problem, so I deleted the 0.31 folder just created and renamed the 0.31_bak back to 0.31, which, in base BeamNG, is stable, but still has the problem of spawning cars.

So now I’m back to square one. Should I delete and reinstall BeamMP?

Thanks for the help.

Yeah, I would do a reinstall of both BeamNG and BeamMP, if that doesn’t help I’ll have to hand you over to a more senior member of the support network.

Make sure you are not using the Vicinity App in the UI Editor of BeamNG

Wait, is that real? Is that why my UI isn’t working all the time? Imma go check that out myself.

Oh, thank you. I am using this, as it is very helpful for racing. I will remove it then, thanks for the help! Any ideas why.

No idea, but disabling it fixed mine as well.