Where i can find beammp configuration file

I want to start beammp at my virtual machine for my friend because he have no directX 11 support. I can’t logout from my beammp account and i can’t join to server with my friend, where i can find beammp config file for his deleting and logout from my account

Just delete the key file where the exe is.

It isn’t work :frowning: i try reinstall beamNG but i’m not sure what this will help to me

You just want to make it so your friend can log into BeamMP on your computer right?

on my virtual machine for play together, but his graphics don’t support DX11 and beamng need this DirectX, understandably? And idk how, but i fix it, thx for your help!

Hello Limemany, could you please tell me how you fixed that problem? I have the same problem. Thx

I don’t have a solution for this problem, i can’t help you, sorry