Why am I Getting Buffer Overflow?

Why am I getting buffer overflow it I just downloaded this stuff

[04/06/24 22:56:31] [INFO] BeamMP Server v3.4.1
[04/06/24 22:56:31] [INFO] Loaded 11 Mods
> 04ac:err:seh:NtRaiseException Unhandled exception code c0000409 flags 1 addr 0x14053b601


# This is the BeamMP-Server config file.
# Help & Documentation: `https://docs.beammp.com/server/server-maintenance/`
# IMPORTANT: Fill in the AuthKey with the key you got from `https://keymaster.beammp.com/` on the left under "Keys"

Name = "BeamMP Server"
Port = 30814
# AuthKey has to be filled out in order to run the server
AuthKey = "[REDACTED]"
# Whether to log chat messages in the console / log
LogChat = true
# Add custom identifying tags to your server to make it easier to find. Format should be TagA,TagB,TagC. Note the comma seperation.
Tags = "Freeroam"
Debug = false
Private = true
MaxCars = 1
MaxPlayers = 8
Map = "/levels/wuhuisland/info.json"
Description = "BeamMP Default Description"
ResourceFolder = "Resources"

# Hides the periodic update message which notifies you of a new server version. You should really keep this on and always update as soon as possible. For more information visit https://wiki.beammp.com/en/home/server-maintenance#updating-the-server. An update message will always appear at startup regardless.
ImScaredOfUpdates = false
# You can turn on/off the SendErrors message you get on startup here
SendErrorsShowMessage = true
# If SendErrors is `true`, the server will send helpful info about crashes and other issues back to the BeamMP developers. This info may include your config, who is on your server at the time of the error, and similar general information. This kind of data is vital in helping us diagnose and fix issues faster. This has no impact on server performance. You can opt-out of this system by setting this to `false`
SendErrors = true
```**strong text**

*Edit by moderator: removed AuthKey*

Can you provide some system information? OS, archtiecture, bare metal/VPS/docker

Also, does it save a ‘core’ file ?

I use ubuntu linux desktop, I have no VPN and I should have included I used wine to run the EXE.

Since you are using linux as your OS, you may want to use the correct linux build for your distro. Just below the windows server download button you can find the link to our github that has all the prebuilt binaries

I do not know how to run a linux server due to there being no tutorial online

Pretty much the same way you run a beammp server on windows