Why cant i log in?

I’m logging in with my details but it just says “attempting log in” and it wont continue and if i go as guest, when i press play it just don’t work


Make sure you have good internet, you allowed your game in your firewall (not just beamng, but the launcher too. It can be named the same as beamng) and don’t close the console windows when the game starts. It’ll close by itself when you’ll exit. I hope this helps

could you please give a step by step on how to do it

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Enter your windows settings and look for firewall, then press it and look for a blue text link named “allow apps through firewall” (I think that’s what it was called). You gotta find both BeamNG and Beammp (may be named the same, you can just have 2 copies of beamng) and check the marks on both private and public. Reboot your PC, load the game without closing the console windows that pops up, and it should work! Please tell me if it helped

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