Why does my beammp server disconnet everyone randomly?

hey there so i own two servers and i just got a new one and i then added Cobalt Essentials then i played on it with friends then it disconnected all of us i tired removing Cobalt Essentials but nothing changed it randomly disconnected anyone and fixs?

its was fine before then but after Cobalt Essentials it wasnt

I dont know in what way CE messes with players, but usually players get disconnected when the connection between the server and those that are connected is unstable and breaks off. BeamMP doesnt auto reestablish a lost connection. So having a stable internet connection is mandatory

i dont host my servers i got a server hoster

would you give me the ip and port of that server? i may be able to run some tests. Also which hoster is this hosted on?

umm its hosted on lemehost and the ip is port 9314

it worked lovely before it isnt now maybe CE changed some code maybe?

Did you use their free plan? Because it says in there that it is not online 24/7. Even if the disconnect is not caused by random server outtages, then maybe because its a free server and there is no guarantee that connections stay stable

i never had something like this i owned them for a year
but right after CE it happens even after i delete it and yes i picked the free plan

never ever i had closing it ran one time for 31 hours then i restart it i dont think its that

Hmm, i can think of crashes related to CE. I have seen servers crash with that mod. But you also said you uninstalled it and restarted the server. But i also see that CE is still running on your server, as its greeting me on join. So remove that mod entirely and then restart the server

will do will get back to ya

update it says 10/07/23 22:26:48] [WARN] Backend failed to respond to a heartbeat. Your server may temporarily disappear from the server list. This is not an error, and will likely resolve itself soon. Direct connect will still work.after some time

Yeah thats a usual error that happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about

whats your discord btw

I got the same name and picture on the beammp dc

so for you guys i recommend to delete your CE and reinstall it and lower the sethings for the config not CE config the server configs and delete and reinstall your whole server if nothing else works