[WIP] DragMP: a BeamMP Drag Race Mod

As the name suggest this mod brings timed drag race possible to BeamMP.
So, I’m developing this mod because I can’t find any mod related to drag race in BeamMP.
It’s still a work in progress, so I’m not releasing it yet (if ever :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But you can try it out in my development server, just search “DragMP”. But be aware, because it’s a development server so expect some bugs :beetle: and random restart.

What’s currently working:

  • :vertical_traffic_light: Timed Lights
  • :stopwatch: 1/4 mile time
  • :racing_car: Speed at 1/4 mile (in mph)
  • :checkered_flag: Display Time and speed (doesn’t sync across player)

Future plan

  • Sync events across players
  • Challenge other players
  • Display Leaderboard

I hope this MP mod is still in the works and that you will be able to release a stable version for ALL to enjoy. :crazy_face:

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Is this still under active development? If not, is the source code available?

Sorry for the very late response, I was not able to continue working on this because I got busy with my job and also my lack of experience in Lua.

But if anyone interested on continuing this project or simply want to try it, I have uploaded the source code for both the client and server on these repositories below.


Please note that both of them might not work on latest version of BeamNG and BeamMP.