WIP Robbery Feature for West Coast, USA with additional features

I have updated and added extra features to the Robbery Feature for East Coast, USA and have moved it over to West Coast, USA.

I have added the following features:

  • Moved to West Coast USA
  • Added a countdown for how long to rob a location
  • Added robbed location tracking and scoring
  • Commands to display the robbable, robbed locations and the score
  • Reset command

The available commands are:
/rob - Rob the location, if within the area
/rob reset - Reset the current rob count, score cooldowns
/rob locations - List all robbable locations
/rob score - Shows the current score
/rob robbed - Shows all locations robbed since last reset

Let me know if there are any issues or for any feature requests via the GitHub or by replying to this forum.

Github Link

Thanks to @PowerStop for allowing me to modify and reupload this to you.

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It’s really awesome to see the dedication and effort you’ve put into expanding the mod plugin! Your improvements, like the countdown, location tracking, and new commands, seem like fantastic additions that players will definitely enjoy. The collaboration and extra work you’ve invested in enhancing the experience demonstrate a true commitment to the community. Your contributions are valued and will surely enrich the gameplay for everyone involved.

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