Won't let me log in

I’m trying to log in, but its saying “attempting to login” and deletes my password. I’m using username, and password right. What is wrong?


I’m in the same boat here

Same thing i’m having

same here dude!

Hello, The password will be removed from the input field anyway.
This was decided for security reasons.

With regards to your issues logging in, please can you contact Titch on discord as I would like to sit down in a call and investigate this with you.

Kind regards,

same thing for me here

If you see when beammp launches it opens are a command promt thingy. try keeping that open when you are logging in it fixed it for me.

I have the same problem and I even wrote down my access code and username on some paper and it still doesn’t work

Same bro, Try restarting it tho I will try that in a second

same not even as a guest