Working with Kaspersky

Hey guys, we are aware of an issue with the mod and several anti virus programs resulting in the mod not working unless you uninstall your antivirus.

If you are using Kaspersky you can update to the 2021 version. If you do not want to do the following to workaround it for 2020 versions:

Open command prompt as administrator and run sc stop klwfp , then start the bridge (If this does not work try turning off the antivirus then typing the command as admin)
Once connected to the desired server run the following in command prompt sc start klwf This will re-enable the service. KL box

  • Please note that upgrading to TR2021 isn’t recommended as its not publicly announced by Kaspersky (more of a pre-release at the moment)
  • KAV KIS KTS mean the respective version for your plan, (KAV for AV only, KIS for Internet Security, KTS for Total Security)
  • I’d recommend checking for new versions at News | Beta Testing

Thank you to @Dolphin / Dolphin#0001 for finding this!

Yes it works now. Thank you

it has be ran as an admin.

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try as admin

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If I do that, comes: access refused