You can see how many hours I have already played Beammp?

Unfortunately, Beammp’s playing time is not counted on Steam. Can I perhaps see in Beammp’s files how long I’ve been playing it?

You can add BeamMP as a non Steam game.

I know but can I see how many hours I played with just my BeamMP account

There is no time measurement available on the beammp account. The closest thing to what you want is from the game main menu > stats > scroll down to multiplayer, it’ll give you a breakdown of time spent in each map.

Will the time spent on each card ever be reset or will it stay there forever?

“BeamMP-Launcher path” %command%
into the start arguments of BeamNG

You can do what? Oh that is so cool.

my amd adrenalin says ive played beamng process for 3500 hours, i think its too late for me now…