Youtube Link

here’s the youtube link for anyone:

And I do I get the rank for ‘YouTuber?’


bro i’m alr subbed but when a new video gonna post?

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they’ll prolly give you the rank if one of the admins see’s this

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Hello @Markiplier ,

Please can you contact myself on discord and we can arrange this for you.

Kind regards


Yes,but I will be creating an alternate account for this specific reason if that’s alright.

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Yes that is no problem, I just want to make sure that the person behind this screenname is the real owner of that name and brand. Also it means I can grant the Youtuber roles to you if you wish to use them.

Ok,so is there any link to your server?Because I don’t think i’ll be able to verify it at the moment,if you know how busy a person can get.

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Sure, our discord server is BeamMP so please reach out here.

If this is the real markiplier, Me and the team are super honored to see you on here :smiley: