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ZAP-Hosting is the world’s fastest growing game server & virtual server provider.

We facilitate and help make games into awesome memorable experiences. Ever since 2010 we offer an wide range of powerful server products and our experience.

And this now also officially includes BeamMP! :tada:

Are you looking for a suitable server provider for your BeamMP gameserver? Or do you need a domain or a strong Linux VPS, Windows VPS or dedicated server for your BeamMP server? Look no further.:no_entry:

Host your own server in about 60 seconds on one of our many different locations across the globe.:earth_africa:
We have the best network infrastructures, offer the best DDoS protection and highly available server performance.

:sparkles:Or go with our unique lifetime BeamMP servers!

Simply pay once and the server is yours!

Need help? Reach out to our support or ask our Community for help.

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