After 5 minutes it disconnects me from any server with the error "You have been disconnected from the server"

Every time after 5 minutes or more i keep getting disconnected. I can’t find anything online to fix it. How do i fix this? It barery playable

Setup a small private server on your own computer and play on it for a bit. I wanna know if the disconnect also happens on a local server.

You will have to connect to your own private server via direct connect to then (:

Dw i fixed it with ipconfig /flushdns on the command line, it only kicks me out of almost full servers now

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It started doing it again, so my “solution” didnt help, I tried the local server and it didnt disconnect me, idk how to fix this, I cant play CaRP without being disconnected in 5 minutes

It baffels me that a dns flush helped at all. Your issue is that your connection to the servers are unstable. This causes your connection to be lost every so often. That has nothing todo with any dns. And unfortunately there is nothing you can do, but to have your internet line checked as it apparently happens with every server you are connected too

its only on CaRP, so ill try to ask in their discord. As for my wifi i use my phone’s hotspot thru a cable, ill try changing it when i get home

Checked the cmd panel and the error is Failed to close socket!