I get disconnect after 5minutes from any server besides one i host local

as mentioned here After 5 minutes it disconnects me from any server with the error "You have been disconnected from the server"

i got same issue


i was able to solve it easily, it’s either your cable/wifi making you lose packets, or it’s your dns, you should first try disabling it and running ipconfig /flushdns if that doesnt work try changing the cable

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did not help for me

try kissmp, it’s similar to beammp, it handles better poor internet

“poor internet” like said, ive played for years without any issues this.

It’s not about speed but stability (I think) it might be that sometimes it’s cutting off

Played for years beammp and no issues with same connection and never had issues like this in any game.

Are you using 4G? I have the same problem and cant find any fix seemingly. Maybe that is the problem, dunno.

yeah using 4g, gave up troubleshooting this one too. Could try maybe in my bro comp with cable connection some day if it presist.

I Have same problem. I will try this mounth better ethernet. Im Now on hotspot but in another games MP i Have no problem

lol still got this issue, i was thinking maybe after reinstalling again and all the updates it would be gone but nope.

Since i hear nobody answers as no information about my hardware here it goes:
i-5 12600k, 32Gb ddr5 6000Mhz, 1080 ti, Gigabyte Z690 UD AX, Kingston SKC2500M8 1000G 1TB NVMe, Corsair MP400 2TB NVMe, windows 10 latest updates and drivers installed.