"attempting to login" fix!


Many users are having issues logging in, getting errors where their game is stuck on “attempting to login”. Luckily, I have found a solution (that helped my friends who had the same issue).


  1. Open the windows search and type in “Windows Defender Firewall”
  2. Click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”
  3. Click on “Change settings” and if any admin prompt pops up press accept.
  4. Find beammp-launcher.exe and toggle BOTH CHECKS (PUBLIC AND PRIVATE NETWORK)
  5. Make sure both boxes are checked and saved and exit out
  6. Restart your PC and voila! Your game should work!

Awesome thank you so much

hey i found a problem its already done but it still doesn’t work when i opend the game the firewall asked me if i wanted it to be public but it still doesn’t work

same… why does it not work???


beammp doesnt even showup…

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it’s not working for me still can’t log in


Even by doing that it doesn’t work, Help

ya it aint work

They fixed it it should work now

Same I have hardly know what im doing

still not working

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Or for me just running the BeamMP app with admin privileges fixed it for me .

So I’ve tried this, and couldn’t find my BeamMP, Any solutions?

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Ive tried everything said, but it doesnt work at all

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Oh Dear, please never run any software - especially online games - as administrator!!! If there is ever an RCE exploit - you are risking giving away your computer with full root privileges to a potential someone who knows how to interpret lua into a weapon. For example, this is how people get backdoors and viruses in Garry’s Mod. They unknowingly execute malicious addons which contain code that have full admin access to their computer. Thank you and be well! :heart:

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I cant evcebn find the option to open change settings

i did everything but my beammp still isnt working

True it not working for me

Still waiting for a fix for this, but sometimes, all you need to do is restart beam.mp, if that doesn’t work, you whole computer. Hope this helped!

It still does not work and still says “attempting to login”