"attempting to login" fix!


Many users are having issues logging in, getting errors where their game is stuck on “attempting to login”. Luckily, I have found a solution (that helped my friends who had the same issue).


  1. Open the windows search and type in “Windows Defender Firewall”
  2. Click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”
  3. Click on “Change settings” and if any admin prompt pops up press accept.
  4. Find beammp-launcher.exe and toggle BOTH CHECKS (PUBLIC AND PRIVATE NETWORK)
  5. Make sure both boxes are checked and saved and exit out
  6. Restart your PC and voila! Your game should work!

If this helps you feel free to leave a comment to help others having the same issue see the post! It was making my buddy lose his mind lol.


Awesome thank you so much

hey i found a problem its already done but it still doesn’t work when i opend the game the firewall asked me if i wanted it to be public but it still doesn’t work

same… why does it not work???

beammp doesnt even showup…

it’s not working for me still can’t log in

Even by doing that it doesn’t work, Help