BeamMP Flood Mod

I have finally taken the time to make the flood mod for BeamMP.
The flood is controlled via the server and you can use commands to modify it.

You can download from Github
Anyone can use the commands, it’s up to you to sort out the moderation side of things since I don’t know which resource you use for it.


  1. Download the latest release from the releases page
  2. Copy into your BeamMP-Server/Resources/Client folder
  3. Copy Flood into your BeamMP-Server/Resources/Server folder


  • /flood_start - Starts the flood
  • /flood_stop - Stops the flood
  • /flood_reset - Resets the height and disables the flood
  • /flood_setLevel <level> - Sets the flood level/height
  • /flood_setSpeed <speed> - Sets the flood speed (0.001 is default)
  • /flood_setDecrease <decrease> - Makes the water level decrease instead of increase
  • /flood_setLimit <limit> - Sets the flood height limit
  • /flood_setLimitEnabled <enabled> - Enables or disables the flood height limit
  • /flood_printSettings - Prints the current flood settings
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