Capture the Flag Gamemode

9 months ago I made a post about a video featuring a BeamMP CTF gamemode. I was shocked and wondered if I would at some point be able to play it myself. It seemed like a very cool concept! I got a reply from the developer of the game and they said other minigames were also in the works, and that the plan was to have CTF on some servers, but it had to be bug tested first. Another moderator replied saying “[Capture the Flag] is a feature/gamemode we plan on releasing with or in relation to the BeamMP BSports map. We are finishing and finalizing the gamemode(s) and map for public use.”

So has the idea been abandoned? I can’t find anything recent about Capture the flag or any forum posts about “Bsports” or “sports.” It would be quite unfortunate if the idea was abandoned, but I’d rather know than hope for something that might not exist. I don’t want to pressure anyone into working on these projects, however, as that’s annoying when people complain about something you’re working on. I’m just hoping to get an update.

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Hey there! Thanks for showing interest in this gamemode, as the developer I can say it will be public and ready to play very soon!


Oh my ■■■ this is amazing! Can’t wait

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