Cobalt Essentials Interface

A Dear ImGui based interface for BeamMP Servers running CobaltEssentials

Since its inception Cobalt Essentials has only been operated via in-game chat or later, via a Q3-compliant RCON client.

I set out to provide users of CE, especially server Owners, Admins, and Moderators, with an in-game interface to more conveniently use and expand upon the powerful functionality of CE.

This is considered pre-release, and as such, there may be bugs. Find me in the CE or BeamMP Discords to please report them.



  • Owner / Administrator / Moderator / Default interfaces based on groups!
  • Manipulation of player permissions, vehicle and parts permissions, CE and base server configuration, sun control and sync, weather control and sync, simulation speed control and sync, gravity control and sync, custom temperature curve control and sync, teleportation control and timeout, nametag whitelisting and timer based nametag hiding, server-wide and per-vehicle remote start/stop and freeze/unfreeze.
  • voteKick, Kick, Ban, TempBan, Mute, Whitelist
  • Handy Join Race and Race Countdown! buttons to freeze all players in place, notify and countdown, and then release everyone for perfect race starts!
  • And more, all via the interface!


  1. BeamMP Server 3.1.1 (or newer)
  2. CobaltEssentials 1.7.3 or newer installed.
  3. As owner, have yourself set as owner group in CobaltEssentials (i.e. ce setgroup yourName owner in server console)


  1. Grab the latest release from releases.
  2. Unpack it somewhere.
  3. Drag the folder Resources into the directory where your server is installed.
  4. Start the server, and join.
  5. The interface should be enabled by default. In the chat, enter the command /CEI to toggle the interface. You may set the default interface state in the Cobalt Essentials section of the interface’s Config tab.


  1. Grab the latest release from releases.
  2. Unpack it somewhere.
  3. Drag the folder Resources into the directory where your server is installed, accept the overwrites.
  4. If coming from pre-0.7 CEI, I HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED that you delete environment.json, interface.json, and nametags.json from the CobaltDB folder.

How it looks:

(please visit the CEI GitHub to see screenshots of how it looks in game)


this just doesnt open i have tried everything

there is an error in the console saying “onTick: Resources\Server\CobaltEssentials-master\extensions/CEI.lua:557: bad argument #1 to ‘for iterator’ (table expected, got nil)”

Hello, please either start the server once without CEI installed, or, manually create the folder .../Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/CobaltDB/playersDB/ then restart.

This will be fixed in the next CEI update (0.7.2)

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i just copy the folder in …/Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials and it work

Version 0.7.2 brings more flexible UI permissions, meaning more control over which players see what.

Set up interface element levels in Config>Interface, create a custom group, assign it a UI level, and then that group will only see the UI elements allowed by their UI level.

If you haven’t use CEI for a while, or are upgrading from 0.7, additional Environment options are available, as well as many other new features.

Planned updates include Hotkey toggling the interface, confirmation messages for reset buttons, a MoTD / rules type window, and environment save/load configs (pick your weather, save it, load it later!)

there is a problem with cei where it like flashes - dissapears and appears rapidly. Making it so i cant click anything or enter numbers or whatever

Use the latest version of CE from its Github:

And the latest CEI too:

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this file does not exist, I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to add a line.

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Will the interface be in Russian?

I cannot translate it, and it is not set up to use localization files. However, if someone wanted to fork my interface on GitHub and translate it, that’s perfectly fine with me.

great plugin, just started today exploring cobalt essentials in general, can’t wait to try it out with friends.
It would be a nice addition if we could have the flood mod integrated in CEI (in the environment section for example). I’ll try to do it myself but my coding skills are subpar.
flood mod: Flood | BeamNG

Yes, I can, do I need to contact you personally?

Until I implement some kind of localization support, you can for the CEI GitHub repository and translate user facing strings.