Devs! Legitimate start stop count laps race modifiers

Ok youve got a great sandbox game… you have ppl making money or whatever they might get by creating these paid mods. But i literally see many ppl every single day wishing we could race together. A legit race! Not ai all that other ■■■■. I love making tracks and obstacles. A somewhat user friendly way of just being able to implement a race that starts everyone and counts laps and ends the race! It would be amazing if we could do that. I bet the number of players would increase substantially tight from the get go

What does BeamMP have todo with paid mods?

And people race nearly every day with each other in the various communities that have formed around this mod. An example community that does racing events very regulary is the Racing and Rallying Community BeamMP Racing and Rallying

Besides that, there are 6 Different racing mods in the making right at this moment

  1. RaceMP by Funky7Monkey - RaceMP | A Racing Mod for BeamMP
  2. Cobalt Motorsports by Preston - Eventually be Released
  3. The RaceManager² by RandomMinds - Will be Released (you can join their streams if you want to participate in their races)
  4. ImmersiveRacing by DerpehKitten - Unknown if going to be Released (sometimes joins voice channels in the beammp discord to find testers)
  5. by Luuk - Will be Released
  6. The TeamEvent Gamemode by my Headless Client - Eventually be Released (every couple days used on the beamcruise servers and in larger events)
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Lol i put stuff up in frustration im only human taking everything literal is the mistake of another. And yes a game out for 8 plus years would still have a lot “in the making” im not holding my breath lol highest hopes though as i know its a fun task to perform! Must b y the devs didnt do it lol jk i just like talking ■■■■ like a huge part of the beam community! Ive heard it refered to as the cod of modding