Host a BeamMP server on a raspberry pi 4

This is a tutorial on how to host a BeamMP server on a raspberry pi 4.

You will need a 64-bit operating system installed on your raspberry pi for this so I recommend using the 64-bit raspbian OS: Index of /raspios_arm64/images/raspios_arm64-2021-11-08

How to install a operating system on a raspberry pi: How to Install an Operating System on a Raspberry Pi

Automatic installation:

Run the file in the folder you would like your BeamMP server installed to.
Download: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Manual Installation:

Install dependencies

  • sudo apt-get update -y
  • sudo apt-get -y install git
  • sudo apt -y install cmake g++ make
  • sudo apt-get install -y libcurl4-openssl-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y liblua5.3-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y libz-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y rapidjson-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y libssl-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y libboost-all-dev

Download the source files

  • git clone --recurse-submodules

Go into the server directory

  • cd BeamMP-Server

Checkout the branch you are wanting to use

  1. Go to Tags · BeamMP/BeamMP-Server · GitHub
  2. Find the latest version/the version you are wanting to use.
  3. Run: git checkout tags/v[Version you want to use]
  4. Example for last step: git checkout tags/v2.3.3

Build the server

  • cmake .
  • make

Create a file to start the server

  1. Ensure you are in the correct directory: cd BeamMP-Server
  2. Create the file: echo “./BeamMP-Server” >

Done! Run the file whenever you want to start the server!