Server on 32-bit OS?

Is it possible to host a server on a 32-bit Operating System? I haven’t found any definitive information on this topic in the forums or the GitHub repo, apart from this post stating

You will need a 64-bit operating system installed on your raspberry pi

, so I thought I’d create a new post.

I’m wondering because I thought about hosting a private instance on my Raspberry Pi 3B+, which is currently running a 32-bit version of Raspbian.

Thanks in advance.

I believe it is necessary to run it on a 64-bit os if you were to follow this tutorial. There is probably a way to emulate a 64 bit is but I’m not entirely certain.

I didn’t want to follow this tutorial, it just came up when I searched for hosting on Raspberry Pi in the forum. My plan was to adapt this docker image to use a 32-bit version of Alpine Linux, but while building the image, which builds the BeamMP Server from source, I got a lot of error messages. Since I didn’t fully understand the error messages, my guess was that they were caused by the lack of support for 32-bit operating systems. So I just wanted to get a definitive answer as to whether that was indeed the case.

I don’t think my Raspberry Pi would be too keen on emulating a 64-bit architecture, but thanks for the suggestion anyways.