New to BeamMP.. LAN Game?

Is it possible to setup up a private LAN game in BeamMP? I have a small network that my grandson and I play on. I see where it says “Direct connect”. Is that for a LAN game?


The direct connect feature is used for direct connecting to a server. It is mainly used for private servers (servers that do no show up on the server list) and for people hosting the server and playing BeamMP on the same computer.

LAN is possible with BeamMP and you will need to use the direct connect feature. You will still have to set up BeamMP Server like you normally would for a non LAN application, setup and tutorial for BeamMP server here.

For LAN specifically, everyone connecting to the server will need to direct connect. If you are hosting a BeamMP server from the same computer that you will be playing on, please remember to connect to it with

For everyone else connecting to the server (from the same network “LAN”) they will need to use the internal IP of the computer hosting the server as the IP to join.

If you have any questions PLEASE let us know, we are happy to help.