Nickel moderation plugin (1.0.2)


Introducing Nickel, a lightweight and powerful moderation plugin for BeamMP. This plugin is currently in alpha, but will continue to improve and develop over time. It contains a variety of commands for managing your server, including removing and adding staff members, banning and unbanning players, and kicking players. Additionally, the plugin includes a command to retrieve the IP of users on the server.


  • ;removestaff - removes a staff member from the server
  • ;addstaff - adds a staff member to the server
  • ;ban - bans a player from the server
  • ;unban - unban a player from the server
  • ;banip - bans a player’s IP from the server
  • ;unbanip - unban a player’s IP from the server
  • ;kick - kicks a player from the server
  • ;ip - retrieves the IP of a player on the server
  • ;noguest - choose if guests players can join
  • ;help - show all commands


The “;” prefix for commands is customizable, allowing you to choose the prefix that works best for your server.


To install the plugin, you can download the latest version from the link below:

(I fixed a bug that prevents the correct addition of a staff, Thanks to O1LER) Github here !

Download Nickel on Github

Simply add the .lua file to your “BeamServer/Resources/Server/Nickel” directory (its an exemple). On the first launch of the server with the plugin, you will need to modify the staffs.txt file located in the server root directory and add your username or use “addstaff ” in the server console in order to access the commands. From there, you can use the ;addstaff command to add additional staff members to the server.


Nickel is a powerful and easy-to-use moderation plugin that is perfect for managing your BeamMP server. Even though it’s in alpha version, it’s already packed with useful features and will continue to improve over time. Try it out today and see how it can improve your server management experience!


Thanks to the BeamMP France team → BeamMP France
This plugin is tested on their server.


Better and more efficient than cobalt essentials plugin, awesome features like the banip. Download it !

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Thank you very much for creating the server resource, its great to have multiple options for people


It’s true and that’s why I make it public :slight_smile: Thanks you !

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Hi, Server Dev here.

I saw you use names - please be aware people may change their ingame names at any point. Further, IPs may change at any point (I get a new one every ~24 hours), depending on their provider. So, you can name ban someone and they can change their name, or you ban their IP, banning the next person who gets that IP randomly. Same goes for staff - one of your staff changes their name, someone else can grab that name, and get staff through that.

Instead, we heavily recommend you use the MP.GetPlayerIdentifiers(), and in that the beammp value. It’s their forum ID, which will not change. Guests won’t have one.

Please rethink those decisions, as it can impact people using your plugin negatively.

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Thanks very much ! I had actually noticed the “beammp” key with this function but I was not sure what it corresponded to so I will use that in the next version, thanks again :slight_smile:

I will still keep the banip because in France there is only one internet provider that provides dynamic ip.

1.1.1 → Release 1.1.1 Fixed "welcome staff" for all people on player join · boubouleuh/Nickel-BeamMP-Plugin · GitHub

Fixed on player join bug (minor)

1.1.2 → Release 1.1.2 config update · boubouleuh/Nickel-BeamMP-Plugin · GitHub

minor config update + little fix (thanks to yannordi)

Gonna have to check this out when I get a chance, as the maintainer of Cobalt I love the name <3

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<333 thanks youuu

1.2.3 → Release 1.2.3 fixed autoupdate error with github api · boubouleuh/Nickel-BeamMP-Plugin · GitHub

Major update ! Added the auto update (can be activated in configuration) and fixed some bugs :slight_smile: check it out !

When one of you get some free time would one of you care to show me how the plugin works

Sure ! my discord : Bouboule the cutest hamster#2166

awefull plugin, i use since the release date.

1.2.4 → Release 1.2.4 · boubouleuh/Nickel-BeamMP-Plugin · GitHub

Added votekick command ! Fixed little things and improved Update checking ! Added colors in console message (be sure to have a compatible terminal with ASCII)

Join the Nickel discord

This plugin is awesome! its recommended to everyone that wants a simple, useful moderation plugin.

Think Cobalt is too complicated? then this is the best bet for you right now!

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1.2.5 → Release 1.2.5 console fix · boubouleuh/Nickel-BeamMP-Plugin · GitHub

Fixed blocked console !

Join the discord

Kept seeing people using the countdown command on youtube videos. Couldn’t find a plugin or mod that added it. Ended up learning enough lua to make my own plugin. Now, a few days later, I finally install this plugin only to find that it already includes the countdown command. Whoops!

Thanks you !!! I suggest you to join the discord server of Nickel to see upcoming features ! :slight_smile:Nickel BeamMP Plugin


Are there plans to allow you to affect player environment like CEI does?