Please help me with this i keep getting error code 4

whenever i open the luancher it says Launcher version is up to date
[ERROR] Failed to find the game please launch it. Report this if the issue persists code 4 please help with this becuase im a youtuber and im doing a race in a beammp server please fix
does anyone now a fix???


managed to fix?

Am getting the same problem now?

Do you own the game?

my game just says

ive tried re installing game removing all mods i do use the launcher

ive tried logging out it wont let me

it says mine is not even connected to launcher

Good day! :dizzy_face:

It’s a very known issue in Windows. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Failed to find the game please launch it. Report this if the issue persists

tl;dr i dont think youre getting a tl;dr with this one…

In BeamMP’s case, on windows, code 3 and 4 all mean userfolder (beamng) and/or user profile folder (%USERPROFILE%) path registry entry read failure, on linux though, it means that something’s wrong with your pfx (look around on this forum if you’re looking for beammp installation guide for linux. anyway its still just as annoying as the windows registry problem here. in short, don’t complicate things for yourself by jumping from one proton version to another, stick to 7 or 8 for now, though you COULD play natively too! if you still wanna play through proton then you gotta delete that pfx/284160 and try again lol). And no, despite what the mods or devs say it has NOTHING to do with pirated copies or whatever, they work just fine, the problem lies somewhere else, so, anyway, we’re gonna be working with the registry and it’s a bit scary, buckle up if you wanna play BeamMP any time soon (or until you reinstall Windows, of course), and listen close and listen carefully.

When you’re installing Windows you are required to set up a user name, if you type something that isn’t ANSI/ASCII, so Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, diacritics such as ç, ã, á, è, â, ü, etc., basically anything that isnt latin characters (UTF-8? “bUt iTs sUpPosSeD tO fIx AlL tHe isSuEs” - yes, microsoft just cant code), you are unknowingly breaking many things in your system, namely the registry. However, if a program is properly coded (unlike BeamMP), it should work with unicode. Here’s a fun read: Mojibake! It’s definitely not something that your system sees trying to read your corrupted username! Encoding and localisation are not related to this topic, but they also play an important role in file names. So, registry is something that people in the know absolutely despise. Linux and MacOS don’t have them and for a good reason! It’s just the old boomer Windows with its outdated legacy garbage “features”. To be completely honest with you, even the most nerdiest geekiest Windows “power users” don’t understand why such a thing still exists.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. Moreover, when you change your Windows username, be it during migrating your system from HDD to SSD (never copy system files, always reinstall windows!), upgrading from Win7 to Win10/11 or maybe you just simply renamed your user folder because you didn’t like your older name…! That’s all really great! NOT!!! I have some very bad news for you… All of the above… does not work on Windows, my condolences. And it’s not your fault, it’s just that Microsoft are evil, in a really corrupt way. Sorry, I just really wanted to mention HOW BAD MICROSOFT IS! No, really, it’s NOTORIOUS for being a TERRIBLE home use operating system.

Now, let’s get serious. If these characters (< > : " / \ | ? *) corrupt a folder, then what some unicode characters would do? Well, the program will fail to install because the user path cannot be found due to characters it cannot read. Although BeamMP’s installer installs successfully, BeamMP launcher itself doesn’t work because it doesn’t support unicode. What is the solution? Well, since the BeamMP launcher reads directly from the AppData and Local AppData in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders, one would think it is sufficient to just rename a user folder in C:\Users\%username%. No, renaming a user folder does not automatically rename the user profile path in the registry. Besides, you would’ve probably made a mess with symlinks and security identifiers. So, then one could change the entry in the registry themselves? Correct, one solution is to open run via Win+R, type regedit, create a backup, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders and edit AppData with %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming and Local AppData with %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local and then preferrably everything else which uses the older user profile path. The %USERPROFILE% is an environment variable, so are %LOCALAPPDATA%, %APPDATA%, %SystemDrive%, %ProgramFiles(x86)% and %USERNAME%, these contain critical system resource locations such as special folders (they are built different), if one of these is reading non-existent paths, oi oi oi oi, we’ll have a slight problem. If you were to type these into run, it will open its assigned directory. You might have used these yourself if you were frequently installling mods. However, if your %USERPROFILE% itself is corrupted, then you could try editing AppData and Local AppData paths with your new user folder name. If you are not keen on editing the registry at all, there is another solution. Create a new offline local administrator account. This is not perfect, because if one were to have a domain account or an online microsoft account with a linked first and last name with special characters in it, they would either A) have to change their online name B) not have the option at all, because… Microsoft? There’s many editions of Windows that can and cannot do some things. In enterprise, global address lists and email headers are pretty important, so by changing anything - even one letter, that person might get into trouble (pft not that i care about corporations anyway). So, we’re still gonna have a problem, besides we had to create a new user folder. Nevertheless, MAKE SURE your user folder does not have any special characters in it, everything should be ANSI/ASCII only. Then copy everything from the old user folder to your new one, and - BOOM! - no registry needed. And with that, you’re all set.

USUALLY nowadays software is written with this problem in mind. By “this problem” I, of course, mean Microsoft and Windows, duh. It just doesn’t happen on Unix though… But it’s still hard to get it right. Even though BeamMP is an average student project, you can’t really blame them for being not able to handle unicode file names. Even BeamNG devs, a bit more experienced, but not as much as to fix all the 1 string bugs that linger for over 10 years without complaining about “futureless approaches”, make mistakes. Stuff like input identifiers with unicode or even key input themselves if you are in the non-english locale. Oh, you know what I’m talking about, games that ignore all input until you change your language layout. Sometimes you even have to restart to apply even the littlest changes…

Moral of the story? Microsoft - bad, unicode in usernames - bad, make a new local account - good. Cool! :+1:

Sorry, what am I even talking about? I’ve solved your problem… I should go now… :sob: