Stuck on attempting to log in

I clicked on multiplayer and I needed to login again. I entered my email and password but i’m stuck on attempting to log in

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Me too, can you get in yet?

Yeah I don’t know what I did but I restarted the game and it was fixed

Same can you explain beammg?

yeah mines doing it to.

Please ensure you have the black cmd window open still. This is required for BeamMP to work.

i’m having the same problem

I have the cmd.exe window open and its confirming there is a authentication failure.

[16/1/2023 20:18:32] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[16/1/2023 20:18:32] [INFO] Game Version :
[16/1/2023 20:18:32] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait...
Progress : [ 100% ] [##########################]
[16/1/2023 20:18:34] [INFO] Download Complete!
[16/1/2023 20:18:34] [INFO] Game Launched!
[16/1/2023 20:18:43] [INFO] Game Connected!
[16/1/2023 20:19:03] [INFO] Attempting to authenticate...
[16/1/2023 20:19:03] [INFO] Authentication failed!

It’s the same with me I’m restarting my game right now.

To all having this issue, click the ‘Logout’ button (even though you are not logged in), and then try logging in again.

doesnt work, it still sits on the same thing.

Hi! Thanks for commenting! To both you and the OP, This seems to be a new problem with a recent update from as far as I know. Can you do me a favor and turn off any AntiVirus you have? Especially Kaspersky. For some reason Kaspersky has had a past of causing issues for BeamMP ranging all the way back to the beginning… Let me know how it goes!
Like I said, as far as I know, this is a recent bug with the update, should be covered in the next patch if its not AV related. Thanks for your patience :smile:

Im stuck too its not logging in!

what black cmd window thing

Tengo el mismo problema, i desactivated antivirus and click logout, but… not working


I’m having the same issue too.

All I had to do was restart my game and it worked

Bro it’s the same as me. It just won’t do anything!

I did that so many times