Low fps on High-End computer

When i am in single player i can play with 150+ fps with traffic on all high settings (maybe ultra too). When i get on MP mode, most servers have 7+ cars and until 7 cars i am playing at around 60-65 fps… When it comes to 8+ cars i cant even reach 50 fps.

My sepcs:
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X 4.00 Ghz with good temps around 50 at max load
GPU: RTX 2080 Asus ROG 8GB Overclocked with temps at 59-66
RAM: G.Skill TridentZ 3000 Mhz
I can play other games at high fps with rtx on and i cant play a game such as beamNG? FH5 can be played at 4k on a 55 Inch tv with high to ultra settings and get 60+ fps.

Hi there!
I believe your issue might be related to this topic:

Sudden lag and audio cracking - Support - BeamMP

That sounds completely normal. You are using an 8 core CPU, rule of thumb is 1 car per cpu core and you are hitting that with you 2700x. 8 people at 50FPS is decent, you wont be able to keep up much after that. My old 8700k would only do about 7-8 people before hitting about 30-20 fps sadly. We are working on better optimization HOWEVER we cannot do too much better then BeamNG the game itself

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