Seeking Your Feedback on BeamMP Mod - Let's Shape the Future Together!

Hey there fellow enthusiasts,

I hope you’re all enjoying your time in the incredible world of and, of course, the multiplayer experience provided by the BeamMP mod. I believe it’s essential for us, as a community, to come together and discuss what we love about BeamMP and what we think could be improved or added in the future.

So, let’s get the conversation started! I’ll kick things off with a few questions, and I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and even any issues you might have encountered. Remember, your feedback matters, and it can help shape the future of this mod.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the BeamMP mod? Is there a particular feature or aspect that stands out to you?
  2. Are there any specific improvements you’d like to see in the current version of BeamMP? This could include bug fixes, performance enhancements, or quality of life changes.
  3. What additional features or content would you like to see added to the mod in the future? Feel free to dream big – you never know what the developers might consider!
  4. Have you encountered any issues or glitches while using BeamMP? If so, please describe them in detail so that we can work together to identify potential solutions.
  5. Do you have any ideas for community events, challenges, or competitions that could make the multiplayer experience even more engaging?
  6. Lastly, if you have any tips or tricks for fellow players, please share them! Let’s help each other get the most out of BeamMP.

Remember, this is a friendly and constructive discussion, so let’s keep it respectful and focused on making BeamMP even better. Our feedback can play a significant role in shaping the future of this mod, so let’s make our voices heard!

I can’t wait to read your responses. Together, we can help make BeamMP an even more incredible experience.

See you on the virtual roads!

Best regards,

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Well I host my own private server for my friends to play and the only real glitches I have found is

Proximity of objects and veichles when really close it hits the other objects on only one players side

And trailers sometimes looses sync when opening trailer doors and using the hydraulics on the trailer

In general proximity of object and veichles are great it only seems to happen when your drive really close to someone yet on there screen I have hit them and on mine I haven’t I’m just really close to them

Other than that I haven’t experienced any real bad issues apart from what’s been fixed in the updates


The thing i would like to see is implementing
a word filter in chats from BeamMP servers to minimize insulting and other bad behavior.

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Fair enough, Desync / discrepancies with locations can be a pain indeed. We do plan to do further work around positioning and syncing or damage and the likes in the future.
Thank you

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When loading in to servers it’s just blue like water and everything is frozen and for some it just loads the mods and stay on done and says I need a unpacked version when I try to unpack it it just shows the clock and stays frozen until i close the game any tips?

Interesting, Okay I think something could be done here.

Is this in servers in general or your servers / a community you play in?
Thank you

Hmm interesting, this sounds like a broken mod to me.
Please create a new post under Server Support - BeamMP for this.

  1. The randomness to it, compared to traffic and such, in BeamMP I can have real genuine accidents and get surprised when I get passed by a wild scintilla, etc… these are not things I can get out of BeamNG that makes the game less “predictable”.

  2. Launch the game through Steam, I know it sounds stupid, but Steam is really nice and personally it sucks a bit that when using BeamMP I can’t launch BeamNG through steam, it would be really great if it was possible.

  3. Damage synchronization, and generally better sync, latency and desyncs are really the only thing that really plagues BeamMP it’s not unplayable but there is some annoyances that comes up, it will probably never happen since well, it’s super hard to do it will not killing the PC or the Internet of everybody involved, especially since BeamNG physics are not deterministic.

4.Appart from the desyncs I have experienced getting logged out of my account a few times, not the biggest deal but it’s something.

  1. Maybe a derby demolition event, I find it crazy that the game with the most realistic destruction physics ever, there is no big scale derby event.

Hello all at the BeamMP team, thank you for spending countless hours creating such a refined mod used by gamers worldwide. I imagine I share similar experiences with those who were yearning for multiplayer support before BeamMP was incepted: Searching for official news regarding multiplayer, reading into why it isn’t realistic to implement, etc. etc. is a fantastic game. I’m sure we all agree on that, and the team behind it are excellent too at providing us with new and interesting updates multiple times a year - at no extra cost to the user.

This reinforces the importance of BeamMP within the community and I hold the mod in very high regard.

  1. Multiplayer with friends. at its heart (for me) is a sandbox experience. Simulation driving? Check. Racing? Check. Offroading? Check. BeamMP allows these previously singleplayer only experience to be shared with friends and strangers alike online. It brings a whole other element to the BeamNG experience.

  2. Being picky: I understand that a certain level of comprehension is required to both play BeamNG and install a third-party mod for multiplayer. I feel like the onboarding process could be improved for users as they join servers. Perhaps ask the player to choose their spawn location (akin to the included map w/ fast travel) and preferred vehicle? - not sure if this an issue exclusive to the servers I play: you shall connect and often the camera shall spawn under the map, and it could be tricky for lesser experienced users to get their vehicle setup

  3. I took some time to really consider this. Nothing immediately came to mind. If I had to choose, voice chat - global and/or proximity based might make using public multiplayer servers more enjoyable. On the contrary, I understand the implications (both technically and socially) of implementing this.

Pardon me for not being sure- is there multiplayer mission/scenario support? I only raise this as my BeamMP experiences are exclusively sandbox. BeamNG has a good breadth of scenarios in the base game, with scripted events, cameras, vehicles, props etc - though I am not sure how this would be adapted to suit multiplayer, if possible.

  1. I’m appreciative that vehicles in BeamNG are extremely complex - both in modelling and physics simulation. This likely could be remedied by improving user hardware; and I have no doubts that many solutions have already been investigated: the most jarring experience whilst playing on a multiplayer server is my client pausing to spawn in another user’s new vehicle. Yes, I acknowledge this must be done and I cannot think of any reasonable solutions to this. I think the current system of event queueing is a good compromise.

  2. I would suggest events of a larger scale, think races, endurances challenges, offroading etc. Ideally would use a checkpoint system to add a risk factor for damaging your vehicle. Damaging the vehicle and requiring a repair is a penalty as you’d be sent back to a checkpoint - stalling your progress. As aforementioned, I acknowledge that user hardware could begin to struggle to simulate less vehicles than I can count on my left hand; so numbers may have to be limited - split into groups?

  3. Keep up the good work. Both to the players and creators. Players build fantastic rapport in sessions, and I find griefing is a rare occurrence. We like to entertain each other and play ball; I think it’s fantastic that we bond together over a shared passion of Great work to the developers too, thank you for achieving what was previously considered impossible.

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I also would like to see the game count playtime hours on Steam… little things like that I didn’t think of.
To build on your point regarding damage syncing - upon joining a server; does the game sync existing damage to vehicles? I’m not sure. I’m inclined to believe it wouldn’t and continue to simulate any further damage clientside.

Servers in general. Maybe it could be made toggleable too.

First of all, I just wanna thank you for creating this amazing mod :slight_smile: onto the questions,

  1. BeamNG is (in my opinion) probably the best driving game out there. Just the fact that we can enjoy it with other people in multiplayer, and even use other mods at the same time, is what I love about BeamMP
  2. Syncing of other people’s cars is quite annoying, but I do understand that it’s not really possible to get around, as even in singleplayer it takes about a second for your car to update, after changing some parts. Actually, now that I think of it, it would be useful to be able to votekick players. So many times I’d be just racing with other players around a track, on a server created specifically for racing, and then a plow bus comes around a corner and destroys all our cars:(
  3. I’d love for the mod to add some MMORPG type features. For example an implementation of the current single-player career mode, where you could buy and sell cars to other players, do missions or races for money, have a whole economy system in place. It would be great if the economy was working across the entire forum, for the MMO factor, and then you could just join servers of 10-20 people, where the economy system applies.
  4. Just desync
  5. Stuff including the economy system would be interesting. Competitions where you earn money to spend in-game, maybe car buliding competitions, actual racing etc.
  6. Be nice :slight_smile:

I think you can do that already.

Hey devs and BeamMP enthusiasts,

First off, let me just say you guys are incredible. BeamMP is always up-to-date with BeamNG’s latest updates, runs super smoothly, and barely uses any server resources. So hats off to you for that, and thank you!

If we’re talking about dreaming big, then here’s what I have in mind:

  1. Integrated Racing System: I’m aware of RaceMP, but I find it a bit cumbersome and it lacks TimeAttack features. My dream would be to have mission points on the map for all players, where you could go and run a specific number of laps with checkpoints, all set up in the map editor beforehand. It’d be awesome to see the lap times of all players on that particular track.
  2. Dynamic Track Creation: It would be perfect if moderators/admins/owners could create tracks in real-time and upload them directly to the server. The tracks would then appear for other players without requiring a server restart or reload.
  3. Versus Mode: Imagine a special event that lasts for, say, 1 minute and 30 seconds. Players could enter the race by typing /go in the chat, get teleported to the starting line, and join the race right then and there.
  4. Car Config Sharing: How cool would it be to share car configurations? A button could post something in the chat, and anyone who clicks it can add my configuration to their game in real-time, no reloads required.
  5. Direct TP to Players: I’d like a feature that lets you TP directly to players. Simple and effective. This should be level-restricted and only work if the target player isn’t moving to avoid collisions.
  6. Locked Configs for Online Events: While I know CEI mod isn’t managed by you, it’d be super useful for online events to lock all designated players into one specific car with a fixed setup, preventing any form of cheating.
  7. Owner-Spawned Cars: Let the server owner spawn cars that others can’t modify but can use. It aligns with the idea of fixed setups for races.
  8. Mixed Race and Setup System: Basically, a blend between the racing system and locked setups. The organizer could lock the race to a particular setup, ensuring everyone races under the same conditions.

I think that covers most of my immediate wishes. You did tell us to dream big, so I’m taking your word for it! :grinning:

Sending you all my support and much love. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for making BeamMP an amazing experience!


We try to leave things as open as possible for people so that they can shape their servers however they choose.

That said for anyone else who may be interested I have just created a basic chat censoring resource for servers:

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Hey, thank you for the feedback.

Desync is something we are working on, along with Node Sync.
As I am sure everyone can appreciate, this is not a simple task to pull off effectively but it is not something we are prepared to give up on either.

With regards to Demolition Derby, have you seen Cops N Robbers Dedicated with Economy? @NuclearKnight00 created a scripted Cops and Robbers AND Demo Derby servers. They are really neat in my personal opinion so maybe check them out?

Thank you for the in depth reply!
BeamNG scenarios / missions could be converted to be possible in BeamMP but I think this is outside the current scope of BeamMP. Who knows what the future may hold though.

With regards to voice chat, I have added this to our list of features / ideas for the future :slight_smile:

Thank you

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You are correct, Off the back of my reply to Desoroxxx I have added better damage sync to my list :slight_smile:

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Hey there, You have made some interesting points, thank you.

Regarding VoteKick, I will add this to our small collection of basic resources we offer for servers.

As for MMORPG / Economy servers, Check out CaRP: [WIP] 🐟CaRP: a career/missions/RP mod for BeamMP, I think this will cover some or most of what you are saying here. At the moment we do not plan to create servers like this ourselves but you never know what the future may hold!

Thank you

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Interesting, Yes I am sure something could be added into the mod directly to do some basic filtering.
The question would be should it be enabled or disabled as default?