FAQs - Common problems and fixes - Read before asking for help!

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Installation questions:

Q : Where do I get the mod?

A : Download the installer from https://beammp.com.

Q: Do I need Discord to use BeamMP?

A: No you don’t, you can join our guild if you feel so.

Q : I don’t know how to install this, is there a tutorial?

A : Yes there is, read it here.

Q : The installer is flagged as a virus, can I trust it?

A : Yes if you downloaded it from the above mentioned websites. If you have an antivirus different than Windows Defender, allow the installer as a trusted app in your antivirus options.

Q : The installer can’t get MP installed on my system. What should I do?

A : Make sure it’s added as a trusted app in your antivirus settings, then run it as admin (right click the installer > Run as administrator). If you still have issues contact us via support.

Q : The launcher doesn’t exist after installing it!

A : Reinstall the mod and make sure the installer is added as a trusted app in your antivirus settings. After the installation, add the launcher as a trusted app too.

Launcher questions:

Q : The launcher gives an error with a code, what does it mean?

A : Please check our wiki for the error codes. Contact in support ONLY if you’re sure the launcher is wrong.

Server joining questions:

Q : Can I use my mods?

A : No, but you can use the mods the server you’re joining offers. If you want to use your mods with your friends you have to host a server (read below).

Q : I can’t type nothing in order to login, what can I do?

A : Please check this thread.

Q : There are no servers shown in the server list!

A : Restart the game and run the launcher as admin (right click the launcher icon > Run as administator). If the launcher closes before the game loads up, add it as a trusted app in your antivirus settings. Read here for more info.

Q : When joining a server the download speed for the mods is very low even if my internet is fast, why?

A : The download speed is limited by the upload speed of the server and how many people are connecting to it at the same moment.

Q : My game finishes to download the mods but I get booted to the server list, what is wrong?

A : Head to the folder where you’ve installed MP and do the following:

  • In “BeamMP-Launcher/Resources” delete all the .zip files;
  • In “BeamMP-Launcher/BeamNG” delete all the “cache x.xx.x” folders;
  • Run MP as admin (right click the launcher icon > Run as administrator) and rejoin the server.

Q : I’m getting “Disconnected: Full or Outdated server” when the server is not full or outdated!

A : Please take a look here.

In game questions:

Q : I joined a populated server but there is no one!

A : Please take a look here.

Q : I joined a server but I’m invisible to other players!

A : Check if you have the three MP UI apps (players list/server info/chat) on your screen, if you don’t check this small gif on how to add them. If you have the apps change your Discord username (not the server nickname) to something without special characters (dashes <->, underscores <_> and spaces are allowed and known to be working).

Q : Why is the game so laggy?

A : The game is very CPU heavy. Usually you can take a guess at how many players you can play at a decent framerate with: + 1 (+ 2 in case of modern CPUs: Skylake or more for Intel, Ryzen 1xxx or more for AMD): eg. your CPU has 4 cores, you can play with 5/6 players.

Q : How can I spawn a car?

A : Press Ctrl + E > Choose a car > Spawn new.

Q : How do I replace my car?

A : Press Ctrl + E > Remove Current (at the top of the menu) > Choose a car > Spawn new.

Q : Why does my car keep disappearing after changing it?

A : Rejoin the server.

Singleplayer errors:

Q : When I open singleplayer, MP starts instead, how do I get rid of it?

A : Launch Singleplayer > Manage User Folders > uncheck “Move user data” > Reset.

Q : BeamNG crashes with error “0xE0000004-BNGBase::EXIT_ERR_USER_PATH_UNWRITABLE”, what does it mean?

A : Launch Singleplayer > Manage User Folders > uncheck “Move user data” > Reset.

Server hosting questions:

Q : How do I host my own server?

A : You can host a server for free, if you want to host more feel free to donate on Patreon or Nitro Boost our Discord server. By doing so you’ll get access to Early Access builds of both the client launcher and of the server software too. Any Patreon tier will grant you access, check this if you want to know more on the amount to donate.

Q : Where do I find the server files?

A : From our website: https://beammp.com/. If you’re an Early Access user you can also head over to Discord, you’ll see a new area called “Early Access Area”. You can download the pre-release server software from #:helicopter:early-access-server.

Q : I can’t see the Early Access Area but I’ve donated on Patreon, why?

A : You have to connect your Patreon account to your Discord account, please read this article if you don’t know how to do it.

Q : I don’t know where to start with this hosting software, can you help?

A : Check our wiki tutorial and read it carefully step by step. If, after doing all of that you still have issues, contact us via support.

Q : I don’t feel confident in hosting servers on my own, can I rent one?

A : Yes you can! You can choose between:

Q : What resources do I need to host a server?

A : More info here: GitHub - BeamMP/BeamMP-Server

Q : Do my servers auto update?

A : No you will need to manually update and restart your server. Though you could write a script to do this for you if you wish.

Q : Where do I get the auth key?

A : Go to the keymaster website and create a new key.

Q : What should I do if the keymaster doesn’t give me a key?

A : Refresh the page and wait a bit, it will eventually give you one.

Q : What IP do I have to use?

A : You must use your public IPv4 address if you’re hosting the server on your machine.

Q : How do I add a custom map to my server?

A : Open singleplayer > load the map > open the game console > paste


After doing that copy the output of that command and paste it in the “Map : " …”" line in the config file.

Q : How do I moderate my server?

A : Moderation can be done a number of ways. We developed the Lua system on servers so you can build whatever system you would like to have to do virtually anything you wish. There are a couple of systems already released such as Cobalt Essentials & NoGuests. These can be found on our forum. https://forum.beammp.com/

Q : How do I add mods to my server?

A : Drop the .zip files in “…/Resources/Client”.

Q : What happens if I stop donating on Patreon or I remove the Nitro boost?

A : You’ll lose access to the Early Access area and its benefits.